‘Now you see me’ the portal creates an interaction between two individuals.
This project was carried out in collaboration with students at the Delft University of Technology. We were tasked with creating a sensory experience. This portal installation would be placed in between a large empty space in front of the faculty of Industrial Design. It is composed of five mirrors, two of which are on a pivot, and a brightly saturated canopy of colored sheets overhead. 
Both individuals have to make an effort to see each other, which is where the turning of the mirrors comes into place. Once both individuals have found the right angle through auditory feedback they are able to see each other through a portal of mirrors. A moment only these two individuals will share as the rest of the people on the square will not be able to see what the two individuals are seeing, creating an intimate experience. Your focus will be shifted towards finding the person on the other side instead of what you were thinking of, creating a moment of mindfulness. Shifting your mindset, while shifting the angle of the mirror. 
The colors on top of the mirrors create a saturated color palette on the ground. The variety in bright colors gives it a positive energy. When the mirrors are aligned the color projected on the ground appears to be a path leading into the portal to the individual waiting at the other end.
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