This office space wall unit is for a creative business environment that will allow for users to customize and organize their visual area. It includes a space to place sticky notes and write notes, photos, analog writing tools, and other personal items all within arms reach.
The center plate functions as a dry erase board and a place for sticky notes. Both the tension wire, sandwiched between the two pieces of plywood, and the dovetail joints purposefully minimize the appearance of hardware. The shelves placement can be moved around on the horizontal wires. 
A combination of a radial, horizontal, and diagonal tension wires was chosen due to their flexibility, strength, and visual intrigue.
To minimize the appearance of hardware I anchored the wire ends in between the layers.
The horizontal wires allow for the shelves to hook on. The overlapping diagonals allow for paper/photos to be placed between. The radial wire suspend the central plate and strengthen the frame. Images and mementos can also be clipped onto the wires.
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